Join us on January 26th for two days aboard the Lord Amory in London’s Docklands for a weekend on the Sisyphus, a floating technologic marvel straight out of the next millennium, delivered to you here in the 1980s. You can find out more on the event wiki.

After two successful runs, this is our final outing for this event.

Date: Friday January 26th to Saturday January 28th 2024

Location: Lord Amory, London Docklands.

Accommodation: Bunk rooms

Catering: Included, details to follow.

LARP Style: Weekender, One-Shot, Puzzles, Moral Maze, Low/Zero Combat

Setting: Recent Alternate History, Sci Fi, Questionable Science

Accessibility: Dark spaces, Access by ladder, Vocoded NPCs, Existential Threat, Personal Threat.

Character Generation: Assigned Characters

Booking is subject to our policies, if you have specific people you do not want to book alongside, please email when you book.


Deposit, Full Payment (Β£250)